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kopi luwak pure 100% roasted

Model No.: kopi luwak pure 100% roasted
Product Name: kopi luwak pure 100% roasted
Product Origin: SOUTH AFRICA
Standard: GRADE 1
Brand Name: kopi luwak pure 100% roasted
Supply Ability: 200MT/MONTH
Detailed Product Description:

kopi luwak pure 100% roasted


Wild Kopi Luwak Roasted bean
Natural collecting, 100% pure 100% natural

Le Paradiso Bali

Only Wild Kopi Luwak
100 % purity
Harvest by Luwak at the coffee plantation at night
Only the best tree and cherry selected.
The cherries pulped before swallowed, part of the cherries rejected by Luwak if not fresh and sweet.
The parchment digested to absorb the mucilage/fruit of coffee
The parchment poops out and well fermented.
Farmer collecting, Washing - sun drying
Stepwise processing to remove the parchment.
Roasting to optimum roast to keep the flavor, acidity and fruitty.
packing to launch to the market

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